9 essential gadgets worth having in your kitchen


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I threw out my last peppermill years ago. I had thrown out too many. They never last long. I have replaced with a small pestle and mortar, which is quick and works brilliantly.

A peppermill is a tool for the table as it looks decorative, but not for the kitchen, where it is far too slow.

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I've got a Kyocera pepper mill and it's pretty good actually, a bit pricey though

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those blending stick are great as much less messy than juicers.

How about pics with description?

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The only three I have are the thermometer, wine opener and juicer.

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Got them all except the sous vide.

I find a slow cooker indispensable for rehydrating and cooking beans, preparing fruit for jams, general stews, casseroles, soups and pot pies, processing the annual onion glut for freezing, etc. Far more versatile than not quite simmering stuff in plastic bags, but I suppose it depends on what kind of stuff you are in the habit of cooking and what your family want to eat.

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Slow cooker is well used in my kitchen. Last night for an Indian curry but also nabe's this time of the year or for streaming something. Sometimes baking bread. I need a need one but I was thinking of replacing it with a Dutch Oven instead. Another important appliance this last year is an Air Fryer which I also use for baking rolls. My convection oven is a number one must for the heavy load like baking two large breads at once. No more deep oil frying. Haven't even got that fryer out.

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