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Cherry blossom-flavored tacos are unique addition to Japan’s spring-themed dishes

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By Jen Santelices, grape Japan

When you think of tacos, you might think of the typical tortilla dish filled with a mixture of meat and vegetables, but Taco Fanatico in Nakameguro, Tokyo has something different in mind this spring.

The taco specialty restaurant serves all sorts of Mexican dishes to complement their selection of tacos. This month, however, they’re having a cherry blossom-flavored dessert taco as well, which is a sweet addition to the mostly spicy and savory dishes on their menu.

The sakura taco, as it’s called, has an exterior made out of beetroot-colored corn tortilla wrapped in a salted cherry leaf. The filling is a combination of sweet and salty, with matcha cream, sweet red bean paste and salted cherry blossom flowers.

Photo: PR Times

Priced at 480 yen each, this dessert taco will only be available from March 1 to mid-April 2020, so if you want to try a different type of dessert inspired by Japan’s iconic pink flowers, this is the perfect season to do so.

Photo: PR Times

Taco Fanatico

Address: Nakameguro Mansion 1F, 1-5-10, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku

Hours: Monday - Friday 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.; Saturday & Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Restaurant website

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I remember not long after I got here and someone looked at the lunch I had brought to work and said, "You Americans (I'm not American, but whatever) mix too many flavours. We Japanese have an expression, 'simple is best'." In retrospect I'm only surprised he didn't order a triple corn covered bulgogi with spicy shrimp and garlic butter mayonnaise pizza. Things like this monstrosity are a reminder of how wrong the man was, and how he, like many here, are simply simple themselves in terms of how black and white they see things.

In any case, I'd just like to see more REGULAR tacos here, not horrible things like in the pic. And ¥480 for one? That is, simply, a rip-off.

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