Food-e, Japan's first gourmet restaurant delivery app, launched


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If Uber Eats is already expensive enough for me, how would this fair?

Okay, I checked the site and they sell mashed potatoes for 1.4k yen. This app is for the giri-giri rich who don't have chefs on the ready.

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@wraither Don’t can very simply do it too. Eat something very cheap on Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, and treat yourself giri-giri rich on the remaining days. Something like that, it’s only an example. The average will be around the same what you would have to pay on a daily basis now. Cup-men plus 1.4k hashed potatoes, makes approx. the same as two bentoboxes, doesn’t it?

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I agree. Everybody needs a treat once in a while. Food-e offers great restaurants not available on Uber Eats or anywhere else so it fills a gap in the delivery world.

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