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French omelets are quick, satisfying

By America's Test Kitchen

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The French omelet may satisfy some but not the great majority such as customers at the Rose Garden in Okinawa. Customers gobble up those large 3 egg omelets, Loaded with choices of bacon, ham or sausages, lots of assorted cheese.

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Omelettes of all kinds tend to be quick and easy to make. And Delicious.

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I learned how to make omelettes from Julia Child though it took a while to get the first one made due to the constant giggling at her delivery, hee hee!

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That's just as French as the 'French dressing'. Why are we linked to such weirdness ?

Cut 1 tablespoon butter in half and set aside. Cut remaining 1 tablespoon butter into small pieces, transfer to small bowl, and place in freezer

Oh my.... Why making it simple when you can complicate it ? You need a oven, a freezer, chopsticks, a spatula... and cooking in 2 batches an omelet for 2 ?

4 large eggs plus 2 large yolks, chilled

A daily recipe that lets you with 2 unused egg halves...

I learned how to make omelettes from Julia Child 

Like most people on the planet, I learned from my family when I was 5. The only difficulty is cracking the eggs cleanly.

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Someone should tell the authors of this article that omelettes are the simplest dish to make. Why over complicate things?

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