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Grand Hyatt Tokyo presents sports burgers, white truffle and matsutake dishes, Halloween cocktails and desserts


Grand Hyatt Tokyo has announced its new fall menus at its 10 restaurants and bars, welcoming the best fall has to offer with innovative dishes that incorporate the essence of fall while new cocktails and sweets capture the warm and robust flavors of the season’s bounty.

Highlights include:

-- Exclusive Halloween Experience including playful, Instagram-worthy afternoon teas featuring eatable human-body-parts-like sweet and savory items, premium Hokkaido pumpkin sweets and spooky cocktails served in a science-laboratory-transformed bar

-- Tailored menus for special occasions including innovative sports-inspired burgers for game-watchers

-- Seasonal white truffle and matsutake dishes in grand style including Fried Diamond Rice with White Truffle priced at 60,000 yen

-- Exceptional cocktail offerings including Wagyu-infused whisky in “Taste of Autumn” eatable Cocktail Course and refreshing Yuzu cocktail series

-- Premium sweets made with Japanese chestnuts including Teppan-grilled Mont Blanc

Exclusive Halloween Experience

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.03.15.png
“Halloween Laboratory” at The Oak Door (left) and Test Tube Shots at The Oak Door Bar (right)

As Halloween becomes a bigger sensation in Japan each year, the restaurants at Grand Hyatt Tokyo will participate in the festivities by offering a line-up of Halloween-themed dishes during the month of October. The Oak Door will prepare a playful, Instagram-worthy Halloween afternoon tea set with a “Halloween Laboratory” theme this year. Featuring eatable human-body-parts-like sweet and savory items such as “brains” ham mousse and “dismembered finger” sausages on a two-tier stand with a unique syphon tea, this creative afternoon tea set guarantees a joyful afternoon with family and friends as you challenge yourself to try various mysterious ingredients that are surprisingly tasty.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.05.36.png
Halloween afternoon tea at The French Kitchen, left, and Halloween sweets at Fiorentina Pastry Boutique

During the last week of October leading up to Halloween, the chic The Oak Door Bar adjacent to the open kitchen will be transformed into a science laboratory with spider webs scattered around and bartenders dressed in white lab coats. Skilled mixologists at the bar will be crafting six spooky Halloween-themed cocktails including lychee “Eyeballs” and “Test Tube Shots” that change color as you pour in mysterious mixtures to complete the shots. Sip on cocktails such as “Black Magic”, a unique black cocktail made with Blavod, a black vodka derived from Catechu, an extract from the heartwood of catechu acacia trees found in Myanmar, or “V Blood”, a virgin cocktail served in a beaker with blood-like pomegranate and lemon syrup syringed in front of your eyes.

Tailored Menus for Special Occasions

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.07.15.png
Seasonal Sports Burgers at The Oak Door Bar (left) and Thanksgiving dinner at The Oak Door (right)

As a series of international sporting events is happening in town this fall, The Oak Door Bar is set to offer innovative sports-inspired burgers for game-watchers to enjoy as casual snacks. The line-up of three rugby sliders with a pretzel bun in a rugby shape includes an eye-catching Black Burger with a bun made with bamboo charcoal dough, a Chili Dog featuring house-made chili con carne, and a Brown Bun with red sauerkraut made from scratch, pork sausage and grain mustard.

Stay away from the oven this fall and treat yourself to a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner at The Oak Door. To celebrate this American holiday, Chef Patrick will be serving a traditional Thanksgiving feast including a giant whole roasted turkey carved tableside, sausage and bread stuffing, pumpkin soup, foie gras appetizer, mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and pumpkin pie. Available from Nov 28 – 30, the menu can be served in individual portion or as a party set that features whole roasted turkey and gourmet side dishes in a private dining room for groups of up to 12 people. Sit back, relax, and celebrate Thanksgiving with family, friends or colleagues this year at The Oak Door.

The Best of the Truffle and Matsutake Season

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.08.46.png
Matsutake mushrooms at Keyakizaka,left, and Fried Diamond Rice with White Truffle at Chinaroom

This year at Chinaroom, guests can experience one of the grandest dishes which combines some of the most extraordinary ingredients from around the world. With fall comes truffle season, and master chefs at Chinaroom have hand-picked the best white ones from Europe, matched them with the infamous “Diamond Rice” from Sado Island in Japan, and stir-fried them in a way which the Chinese have mastered for over a thousand years. While eggs and rice are well-known accompaniments to the subtle taste of truffles, this magical combination takes the experience to another level of luxury as diners can choose to add additional sliced white truffles, at a surcharge.

At the modern Italian café Fiorentina, guests can enjoy two different dishes featuring the deep musky aroma and rich earthy flavor of Italian truffles. During September and October, indulge in a fresh Italian porcini pasta and risotto, both served with a generous topping of shaved truffles. Matsutake is one of the most sought-after fall ingredients and teppanyaki restaurant Keyakizaka will take full advantage of matsutake mushroom season and offer a luxurious 40,000 yen dinner course of fragrant dishes featuring this Japanese delicacy as well as rich white truffles, all cooked right before diners’ eyes.

Fall Cocktails 

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.11.16.png
“Taste of Autumn” at The Oak Door Bar, left, and November Yuzu cocktails at Maduro bar and jazz lounge

The Oak Door Bar is showcasing a brand-new five-course eatable cocktail menu – from appetizer to dessert – featuring the freshest seasonal produce in Japan mixed with various spirits and wines. Of highlight is the main course Wagyu-infused whisky, which is made by vacuum-packing the whisky with Wagyu and slow cooking them in a water bath for long hours before mixing it with port wine. This season-exclusive cocktail course blurs the boundaries between food and drink, and opens up entirely new possibilities to enjoy a wide variety of alcoholic drinks with healthy ingredients. In addition, the skilled mixologists at the jazz bar Maduro bar and jazz lounge will craft refreshing concoctions using a different seasonal fruit each month. Enjoy fall cocktails such as Koshu Grape Sparkling Wine Sorbet and the brand new yuzu series including the Yuzu Mojito.

Fall Sweets

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.12.51.png
Mont Blanc at Keyakizaka, left, and Grand Premium Cake: Matcha Japonese at Fiorentina Pastry Boutique

The teppanyaki restaurant Keyakizaka, known for using the freshest seasonal produce, will take full advantage of creamy chestnut season, serving a limited edition of the all-time-favorite Mont Blanc in teppanyaki style. Watch as the chef warms the almond sponge cake on the teppan-grill, sprinkles it with rum, tops with rich chestnut Mont Blanc cream and serves on a plate with custard flavored Anglaise sauce and house-made vanilla ice cream by our award-winning pastry chef. With seasonal ingredients like creamy chestnut, rich caramel, and crisp apples, fall is one of the best seasons for desserts.

At Fiorentina Pastry Boutique, the award-winning pastry chefs have crafted six new desserts for fall that will be offered from September. New creations include the signature Grand Premium Cake series in “Matcha Japonese” flavor that combines in the richness of matcha, chocolate and caramel, limited to six pieces per day. Stop by to enjoy them at the light-filled restaurant or take some of these fall treats to go.

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