Okamuraya unleashes monster ginger pork bowls

By grape Japan

Japanese katsu, curry, and rice bowl chain Katsuya have been on a roll introducing super hearty meals, including meaty udon chicken katsu bowlsbacon and chicken katsu bowls, and even a serving 1 kg of karaage.

Not to be outdone, meaty rice bowl chain Okamuraya has their own new protein-packed bowls lined up to feed heavy eaters. Okamuraya specializes in nikumeshi (meat on rice) dishes, and their newest lineup of nikumeshi bowls is anchored by a mix of nikumeshi with a Japanese classic -- shogayaki, or stir fried ginger pork.

Of course, in true Okamuraya fashion, the dish serves up the original context on steroids. Here's the Deluxe Shogayaki Nikumeshi.


The bowl serves up shogayaki ginger pork, slowly stewed beef cubes, tofu, daikon, boiled eggs, and a dollop of mayonnaise for a truly hearty meat on rice bowl.

Those feeling a little less up to the challenge but still ready for a feast can try the normal Shogayaki Nikumeshi with slightly fewer toppings.

Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 10.45.27.png

The chain will also be offering hot and spicy, vegetable, and thick and rich noodle topped varieties.


You can find the heavy duty bowl line-up at Okamuraya's Shinjuku, Shimbashi, and Akihabara locations currently.

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Vile tasting rubbish helping japan to up the obesity and colon cancer levels - good job eh

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What kind of monster are they using?

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Also known as the Stroke Bowl

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