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A foolproof way to grill sausages and onions together

By America's Test Kitchen

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It is so convenient to take a microwave to outdoor bbq places...

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That looks soooo good now. I can have that with a great beer!

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Strange article to have in JT given one of the things you really can't get in Japan is a decent sausage.

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It is neither that hard nor takes an hour. The only difficulty is getting the sausages!

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SimondB and Ah_so You can order online from themeatguy or if you have a gyomu supermarket near you, you can find tasty ones in their frozen section. You're welcome.

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The meat guy is great, but a little bit expensive, but another option is you can also get some great links at Costco as well

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I can't believe this article. How ridiculous!!! Cooking onions and sausages are probably the easiest of foods to cook, whether it is on a grill or in a frypan. Test Kitchen really needs to get a life and stop trying to insult the intelligence of the readers.

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