A wild collaboration appears between Yoshinoya and Pokemon

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By SoraNews24

Popular chain Yoshinoya is proudly celebrating its 120th year in the beef-bowl business this year and have decided to close it out with an interesting partnership with the Pokemon franchise. Starting Dec 19, customers across Japan will be able to order a new type of beef-bowl: The Pokemori.


Pokemori comes in three varieties — Gyudon, Kid’s Gyudon, and Curry Rice — all for less than 500 yen, which includes a juice box and Pokemon figure. By the way, gyudon is the Japanese word for beef bowl, so in honor of this magnificent piece of Japanese cuisine, six Pokemon with “don” in their Japanese name were selected for use as figures in this campaign.

▼ Left to right: Charizard (Lizardon), Groudon, Slowpoke (Yadon), Weepinbell (Utsudon), and the West/East versions of Gastrodon (Tritodon)


These Pokemon aren’t just found in toy-form either. Good boys and girls who clean their plates will discover one of these monsters hiding at the bottom of their bowls, which are also specially designed to resemble Pokeballs.


Unfortunately, the surprise bowls are only used for eat-in orders, but those getting Pokemori to-go will get specially designed containers and bags too, just not with a Pokemon hiding at the bottom.

However, it is possible to enjoy one of those Pokebowls in the comfort of your own abode by participating in Yoshinoya’s Twitter contest. By photographing and tweeting your receipt from either dining in or taking out a Pokemori order, or by following Yoshinoya’s Twitter account and retweeting a specific contest post, you’ll be in with a chance to win one of the Pokebowls.

In total, 1,130 people will win either a single bowl or a complete set of their very own.

This all sounds so great, some people may not be able to wait until Dec 19 to start hunting for all six. Luckily, Yoshinoya is giving true Pokemon fanatics a chance to do so at their Ebisu Station location, also known as one of the swankiest Yoshinoyas around.

Although the Ebisu Yoshinoya decorations are planned to stay up until Jan 5, Pokemori itself will only last as long as supplies do. If people’s proven passion for Pokemon is any indication this probably won’t last long, but Yoshinoya hinted that a second series with other monsters is also in the works.

Source: Yoshinoya

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Nothing wild, this is just very Japanese.

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