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After diabetes diagnosis, U.S. celebrity chef feels heat


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Deen, who famously showed off trademark high-fat, high-calorie meals including such creations as a hamburger wedged between a doughnut

Ahh this goes back to that KFC Double Down Chicken Filet thread over a week ago. Here's a drug dealer claiming she has no responsibility for the material that made her rich.

Now she's pushing the drug. What a shrewd business woman.

From a business perspective, this woman is a pure genius. She help shape and mold her market. It's brilliant. At the same time totally unethical and hypocritical to boot. Only in a capitalistic society can you get away with such a thing.

Fellow U.S. cooking celebrity Anthony Bourdain, a chef and host of Travel Channel show “No Reservations,” took to Twitter to vent over Deen’s decision.

“Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later,” he quipped on the popular microblogging site.

Bwahahaha, that's funny.

All in all, I'm glad I never watched her show. It's sounds more like a comedy than an actually cooking show. IMHO, it's a cruel prank on the American people. But then again, some people think it's unethical to let a fool keep his money.

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I like Rachel Ray, but my mother hates her. I have never seen this woman Deen, but it sounds like a scary dream. I hope she checks her blood sugar level at least three times a day, and she needs to get skinny. Type 2 can get amputations, kidney failure, and blindness. Money cannot stop it.

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i know many Japanese people who eat their so called "healthy diet" but after 60s develop diabetes 2. I think this is disease that is as much related to life style as to older age. Depends on your body and genes.

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she is a hypocrite, but what gave her diabetes wasnt the cream or butter. It was the sugar and carbs.

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It was the sugar and carbs.

Now imagine how much sugar is there in Japanese food. Almost every dish has sugar inside.

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Elevated intake of white rice is associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in Japanese women.

Yes, refined carbohydrates can increase your risk of diabetes 2. So much of the healthy diet of Japan.

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Yes, refined carbohydrates can increase your risk of diabetes 2. So much of the healthy diet of Japan

Well, it is the healthiest I know... Just compare the slim people of Japan, with the whales needing two seats to sit down, that populate the streets of USA, will tell you the difference..

If you know a country with a healthier diet, let me know - and argument it...

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Well, it is the healthiest I know... Just compare the slim people of Japan, with the whales needing two seats to sit down, that populate the streets of USA, will tell you the difference..

I think it is a problem not of the quality but of the quantity. I have been to the USA and the portions in restaurants are really large and tasty. In Japan the portions in restaurants are small and expensive. In my local cafeteria in tokyo, the deserts can consist of two grains of grapes for a person, which is ridiculous,

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BROWN rice is good for you, actually.

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When Jamie Oliver(Celebrity Chef) of UK visited to the states, he was shocked about the food culture. He made a TV program for US for food revolution. Most of the food are stir fried Asian style. Americans need to east less fat, low salt and low GI food for sake of health. Cooking yourself is healthier than having outside junk food.

Subway food is healthier than KFC, Macdonald or Pizza. Okinawa style food is healthier than mainland.

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Fat is not bad for you. It was only after Americans started the low fat craze that everybody ballooned. The people who claim that her high-fat food gave her diabetes don't know what they're talking about. Even more ridiculous is that line in the article-

drawing accusations of being in cahoots with giant meat firms that have in turn been blamed for rising cases of diabetes in the United States in recent years.

Now meat gives you diabetes? A high-protein low-carb diet is optimal for many people. Our grandmothers and grandfathers ate fresh baked bread (no HFC) in moderation, eggs almost daily, bacon and other meats, but the heart attack rate in the US didn't begin to rise until the 60s, when people started to eat a lot of sugar. The article slams cream, butter, and meat, when the culprit is carbs and sugar. Obese people get a fatty liver from sugar that's as bad as what you get from alcohol. Another thing that is alarming, and points away from fat as sole cause of heart attacks is the number of heart attacks in people with low cholesterol. Low cholesterol is seen in approximately 50% of those who have heart attacks, and recent studies with (famous statin) got results of 3 people per hundred with a heart attack on placebo, and 2 on Famous Statin. 100 people have to take FS for 3 years to save one person from a heart attack. Not exactly an eye-popping success rate.

Anyone interested can look up the Drs Eads and Gary Taubes' work on low carb dieting. There is also a doc in Kakogawa (Hyogo-ken) who is taking diabetics off insulin with a similar plan (his rationale being, why oh why allow a diabetic person any white rice at all, let alone dishes of fruit, it's the same as spooning sugar into your mouth, and these people are diabetics!

In the 60s and 70s there was nearly equal evidence for sugar and fat as the main cause of heart attacks, and based on not a helluva lot (in part because the body's cholesterol making mechanisms were not yet fully understood) fat was named the bad guy, and egg restrictions etc began.

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completely agree with Himajin.

People need to be aware of the reality of diabetes and the causes of it. Not just listening to these so-called "experts" who do nothing but spew the nonsense from the US govt about eating lots of servings of grains and carbs for a "healthy" diet.

Read and understand the science behind diabetes rather than listening to these health associations who are sponsored by big pharma and processed food corporations

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Too many Americans, even children are incredibly obese, so this does not surprise me. Time to say no to coca cola for breakfast with deep fried twinkies! Crap I would not even give to my dog!!

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Not sure how anyone could call the Japanese diet in comparison to the American one given the thinness of Japanese versus the landmass rotund of Americans

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look up the Okinawan diet, an examination of why traditional Okinawans and not those who have adopted an American diet live longer with less disease and stress. The social interaction alone would however mean that Americans put down the guns and start helping each other. Highly doubtful that the solutions that are shown to work could even work in such an environment of ignorance and fear.

No one is pointing to the network regarding allowing this chef's show on the air. No one wants to take responsibility. This just underlines the incapacity of a once prosperous country

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ewww, hambugers smacked between dounuts?? i have never heard of such a thing! sounds like a loud of fat!!

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If people can't control what they eat, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

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The differences between the U.S. and Japan in health is not necessarily solely in the food itself, but the lifestyles. In Japan, people walk or ride bicycles everywhere. I even see the obaachan and ojiichan walking on the sidewalks. Business people walking to the train stations, between junctions, etc. In the U.S. people drive everywhere. People are so lazy that they even drive their cars a few blocks away (what could simply take them a mere 5-10 minutes by bicycle) to pick up a simple McDonald's lunch. You even see many overweight people who are constantly riding those four-wheeled buggies (meant for handicapped people or old people) on sidewalks and streets absolutely everywhere in the U.S.

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Walling for an hour uses about 147 calories. How many hours would it take to walk off a super-size McDonald's meal, or a Big Gulp,(189 grams of sugar)?

Average sugar consumption in the US was 5 pounds a year before WWII. It's now between 35 and 68 pounds a year, depending on the source. I think the average American's diet is beyond the point where they can walk it off. Anyone who works out regularly usually eats right too.

Japanese cakes etc are much less sweet than their American counterparts. I never ate frosting on a cake here that had gritty undissolved sugar in it, like chocolate cake sometimes does on the US (you can get high off two forkfuls :-D)

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