All-you-can-eat KFC returns to 247 locations for 4 days

By SoraNews24

A few years back, KFC Japan treated customers to a flurry of all-you-can-eat specials, but since August of 2016 they have been eerily quiet when it comes to piles of poultry seasoned with those eleven herbs and spices for a flat fee. Sure they had that all-you-can-drink beer thing last year, but that just wasn’t the same.

But now it’s back baby! On four selected days between March 27 and April 17,customers who make a reservation in advance by phone or in-person at participating stores will be gifted with unlimited original recipe fried chicken, and more, for 45 minutes.

The offer is available on each Tuesday during the three-week period within the “dinner” hours of 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Be careful though. Not every KFC is offering this deal, but it can be found in 247 stores, so a participating one (list below) is probably never too far away.

The all-you-can-eat deal costs 1,380 yen and begins with a starting order of three pieces of original recipe chicken, one small order of tornado fries (“Colonel ring potato”), one biscuit, and a medium soft drink. After that you can get as much of any of those items as you want for the remainder of the 45 minutes.

We’ve been studying all-you-can-eat KFC in the name of science for quite some time now. Our painstakingly thorough research has concluded that an average adult male can cram about 11 metric pieces (10.951 U.S. pieces) of chicken down his gullet in such a time frame.

However, considering the price of admission, as long as you eat about two more pieces of chicken then you’re at least breaking even. After that, you’ll be eating on the Colonel’s dime.

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Source: KFC Japan

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wow this sounds wonderful, and the price aint too bad either!

its usually about 3-4 pieces in and I start having regrets, too oily.

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By all means keep replacing Japan's former healthy diet by adopting the most unhealthy diet ever conceived. (Standard American Diet = SAD). What could possibly happen?

Diabetes, heart diseases, Alzheimers oh my:

"""Unfortunately, one doesn’t have to move to the West to adopt a Western diet. The prevalence of dementia in Japan has shot up over the last few decades. “Mechanisms to explain [this in Japan] include increases in cholesterol, saturated fat, and iron from increases in [the consumption of] animal products. Traditional diets generally…are weighted toward vegetable products such as grains and away from animal products.” But, “[s]ince 1960, the diet in Japan has changed from [a more] traditional [rice-based] diet…to one with a preponderance of meat.”"""


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