The Tavern - Grill & Lounge “Baumkuchen Pork Special”

Andaz Tokyo offers satisfying dining menus, afternoon tea, cocktails for cold winter months


Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills welcomes guests and visitors to experience the wonders of winter with warm and satisfying dining menus. The Tavern - Grill & Lounge introduces a unique dinner course featuring Kurao pork, which are pigs raised on Baumkuchen cake. From the lounge of the hotel’s signature restaurant is an afternoon tea blending delectable winter kumquats and luscious chocolate. The Rooftop Bar offers a unique winter take on your favorite cocktails with its “Hot Classics.” BeBu’s irresistible fondue is the perfect comfort food for a cold winter day, while the Pastry Shop offers an enticing line-up of gifts for Valentine’s and White Day.

The Tavern - Grill & Lounge Baumkuchen Pork Special

Period: Jan 6-Feb 29

In an effort to promote sustainability, Kurao farm in Shiga Prefecture began feeding its pigs leftover pieces of German Baumkuchen cake from the local bakery. Nourished in a natural, stress-free environment at the foothills of the Suzuka Mountains, these exquisite Kurao or “Baumkuchen” pork have gained high acclaim for their tender, marbled meat and slightly sweet flavor. Accentuated by seasonal ingredients including Shimonita leek and burdock, savor the unique tastes of winter and Kurao pork in this seasonal course dinner (photo above).


The Tavern - Grill & Lounge Chocolate and Kumquat Afternoon Tea

Period: Jan 6 – Feb 29

Kumquats that peak in the winter and chocolates in celebration of Valentine’s Day come together in this season’s afternoon tea. From the savory menu is a cacao cone filled with buttery foie gras which pairs beautifully with the tart kumquats. Amongst the sweet offerings is a rich chocolate tartlet topped with fruity and refreshing kumquat mousse and a silky kumquat verrine filled with nutrients from whole kumquats.


Rooftop Bar Hot Classics

Period: Jan 1- Feb 29

Putting a winter spin on your favorite drinks, mixologists at Rooftop Bar have created an inspiring range of classic cocktails – made hot. Warm up with a Hot Moscow Mule or Hot Mojito made with fresh mint. Try the Hot Irish Coffee, topped with homemade hojicha and chocolate cream espuma. Grab a Hot Classic and keep warm as you admire clear winter views of the city below.


BeBu Fondue Party Plan

Period: Jan 6 – Feb 29

Offering three types of fondue, BeBu’s winter Fondue Party Plan is sure to please a crowd. The classic cheese fondue will delight any cheese enthusiast, while the Mediterranean tomato fondue and the white stew fondue offer a flavorful and lighter alternative. A variety of dippers from brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, chicken dumplings and pork belly bring out the rich flavors of each fondue.


Offered a la carte is the Cheese Fondue Burger featuring a generous serving of melted Asiago and Emmental cheese atop an all-beef patty. Stay warm and well-fed with these comforting winter dishes from BeBu.


Pastry Shop Oshogatsu Mice

Take refuge from the cold and head into the Pastry Shop for a midday break and a warming dessert. Reminiscent of a sweet English pudding, the fragrant Steamed Orange Pudding with homemade maple syrup ice cream and butterscotch sauce makes for an irresistibly light and creamy treat. Spread some cheer with the gift of Oshogatsu Mice. Celebrating this year’s zodiac animal, this trio of mouse-inspired sweets make the perfect New Year gift.



Valentine’s & White Day Promotion 

This Valentine’s and White Day, express your appreciation to those around you with Gratitude Chocolates, a collection of colorful bon bon and wafer chocolates, each piece offering a unique flavor. With the theme of “diversity”, these chocolates are the perfect gift for all those near and dear. Celebrate together with the Soufflé Cheesecake Chocolate, a harmonious blend of cheese and rich chocolate flavor. 

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