Anyone for matcha beer?


The history of beer – man’s most delicious way of getting inebriated – is long and winding, with many fad flavors and failed attempts at new brewing methods. We’ve seen beer infused with marijuana (failure), blueberry beer (failure), wheat beer (resounding success), even chocolate beer (success by virtue of having chocolate in it).

Until now though, we’d never heard of the surprisingly intuitive combination of beer and matcha. Looking back, it makes so much sense: two complementary bitter flavors, combined to create an appealing, marbled green-colored beverage.

The matcha even fluffs up the beer foam for a beverage with a rich, velvety head that borders on physically impossible to stop drinking.

While this ingenious beer does come pre-bottled, it’s also deceptively simple to make at home, provided you have access to some decent matcha powder: All it takes is about a half teaspoon of matcha powder dissolved in a half-glass of warm water. Fill the glass the rest of the way with a non-faux beer of your choice and, if you’re not totally inept at even the simplest of recipes, you should end up with a richly marbled matcha beer cocktail.

The drink is catching on at bars and restaurants in Japan, especially in the Kyoto area, where it’s proving popular with women for its lower alcohol content and less bitter taste compared to draft beer.

Some Japanese Twitter users are already uploading pics of their home-made matcha beer creations, some of which have a mildly disturbing dark, brownish-green hue, indicating conservative use of matcha powder is key to this cocktail.

Source: Naver Matome

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I have tried it. Not so appealing, really. One time only.

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I tried Morinoen's maccha beer in Ningyocho. Nice!

"We've seen beer infused with marijuana ( failure )"

I'll be the judge of that! Who sells it?

"blueberry beer ( failure )"

I'll take your word for that one.

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i also went to Morinoen, not that impressed but interesting

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saw matcha beer for sale in Minoh in the 90's.

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No thankful. This is gross. 僕は、抹茶と茶道は大好きですけどこのビールと抹茶混ぜて?おいしいくない。抹茶とバニラアイスクリームはおいしい!抹茶とごはんはおいしい!バッテンビールといいしょ?

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I really want to try it. I will try anything with matcha in it once. It seems to me a great difference in taste (=success) could be achieved depending on the beer used. I will check shops for this.

blueberry beer-

the sweet berry beers have been around for 100s of years. It a NW Euro thing, Holland, Belgium, Flanders, France, etc. If your beer-concept in your head is really fixed and immovable you may not like them, but if you can accept them for what they are, a different drink, they are really great.

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Still traumatized by tomato beer. Not willing to try.

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Tried the tomato beer last week. Tasted exactly like beer with tomato juice in it. Not horrible, but once was enough.

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less bitter taste compared to draft beer

That's a good thing?

Much Japanese beer is low on flavour and almost totally devoid of bitterness anyway.

To be honest, this is what I find most disappointing about it.

There are a few microbreweries that do produce hoppy beer with taste, however.

Matcha doesn't grab me, though.

I once had a "mint beer."

Very curious.

A bit like brushing your teeth and drinking beer at the same time.

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I've never had tomato beer, but I've seen it. In the northeastern U.S., the old men who went to corner bars at 8:00 in the morning would mix beer half and half with tomato juice.

I've never had much of an interest in mixing anything with beer. As Mr. O'Flynn famously said in The Quiet Man: "When I drink whisky, I drink whisky. And when I drink water, I drink water."

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It doesn't sound particularly delicious. I had goya beer in Okinawa once and it was grim.

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"goya beer"

Suddenly I feel nauseous...

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