The perfect baked potato begins with russets


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Where in Japan are we going to find russets?

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@Bertie You can make a perfect baked potato with regular jagaimo potatoes or May Queen potatoes, I do it all the time.

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I make my baked potatoes in an air fryer. Takes about 20 minutes. I use whatever is available because well, this is Japan. But here in the countryside some people given us their own grown potatoes which are large and very good.

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I second Serrano on that - May Queen Potatoes here are ideal for anything that required 'fluffiness' - Baked, Mash..and if you are from the UK Roast Potatoes, as you can boil May Queens to within an inch of their life, and then give them a good shake and throw them in Duck Fat for an hour. Perfect!

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Hard to find, but  Agria spuds take some beating when it comes to the best baked potatoes.  I normally put one or more two in the oven then I need.  The spare ones, use them in the next few days.  Slice them about 1.0 cm thick and fry in a butter/olive oil mix in a good sized pan.  They crisp up superbly and are excellent to add to a brunch of bacon and eggs (with HP sauce of course).  Now if anyone can point me in the direction where I can buy bacon not sliced with a razor or laser, my Sunday brunch will be complete.

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I love making smashed potatoes

Personally I prefer mashed potatoes but to each his own.

Any and every potato can be baked and taste great. But for health wise, I disagree on loading up the potato topping materials. Subtle and light with a Japanese flair like Mentaigo, Ui, Ikura, etc. is more than enough.

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I cook my potatoes in a crock pot for 3 hours, some people microwave about 10 minutes

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Pretty much the same advice as this article, oil, a bit of salt, an hour at about 180C was given on the Treehugger blog a few weeks ago.

I recommend making your own bacon in Japan. I used to make it without nitrites, but it comes out best with them, cancer scare or no cancer scare. The one you want is called Prague #1 powder. If you make bacon without it, it won't be pink and the texture will be more porky than bacon. Make your own bacon and you can slice it as thick as you like.

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Yes, Serrano. We use May Queen a lot. My wife is from Hokkaido. We also use Danshaku which I like very much. My point was about russets. I know the potato, I've just never seen it in Japan. So I wonder why Japan Today recommends it?

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Never seen any russets either except in a potato chip bag, but I do find it funny that Japan has far better tasting sour cream than anything I can buy in the states.

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Rather than Crisco or olive oil coat your potato with bacon grease for a great skin with a wonderful flavor.

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No Russets and No Oven, so casually mentioned in this article. Does not seemed geared towards life in Japan.

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