Artificial meat, made in space, coming to a supermarket near you

By Juliette MICHEL

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ill pass thanks.

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However, questions remain about the real environmental impact, particularly in terms of energy consumption, as well as about safety.

Sure, but it can't be worse than the impact of herding and feeding the millions of animals of the industry right now, and the resulting emissions of CO2 and methane, as well as the use of fresh water.

We will need advances like this anyway if we want to keep our present way of life.

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Nothing artificial for me, as much as I can avoid it. Real meat, in moderation, is good.

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Remember the Muppets' episodes of "Pigs In Space..."?

Now come true.

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Real meat, in moderation, is good.

If its mass has been increased through prolific steroid use, and it was disease free thanks to prolific antibiotic use, despite living in and often consuming unnaturally large quantities of its own feces, and the animal was fed a completely unnatural diet, which included cannibalism, does it still get to be called "real" meat just because an animal was used to grow it? If not, I doubt you have had much "real" meat in your life.

The future of artificial meat may well be closer to "real" meat than what most of us eat today.

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Seems a better option to the plant based burgers that are much higher in salt and sugar than meat based burgers. Meat burgers are healthier than the plant based burgers.

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