Asia pivots towards plants for protein as coronavirus stirs meat safety fears

By Farah Master

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I really hope things do change for the better. There are some die-harders who will refuse to go without one single meal containing meat, even if just once a month. Veganism, or, at the very least, eating less meat and a total ban on wild animals, is the way forward. The way animals are treated ALL over the world is horrendous too.

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The reduction in animal suffering and emerging consciousness of alternatives not only impoves our collective health and creates common unity between all of us, it could also save the Earths' ecosystem.

Economy = House management and can not be separated from Ecology = House Knowledge. Understanding what our house is (Earth itself) and needs (interdependence, sustainability) will help put all life back into balance.

When ever we receive, what ever we give back, it's not separate. Sometimes giving and receiving is even reciprocal (we do it at the same time). If we pick up a bug and let it go, cook a meal for someone else, or play with our kids, often we're giving ourselves something too. (goodwill, kindness inter-being) If we can just be conscious and responsible for the mess we make, we'll all be less occupied or fixed on the wrongs others do to us. We'll be collectively free.

The human diet just doesn't need that much protein anyway, It serves everyone better when the nitrogen we waste as fertilizers, on meat production and growing animal protein can be left in the Sky (where most if it come from). If we can stop mining the sky (with artifical nitrogen fixation) to grow meat and use less urea to grow crops instead, the human footprint on the planet would remain viable.

We shear this place with countless other Sentient Beings

May All Earthlings Go Well /\

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Using plant-based protein is fine. Trying to make it taste like meat is a waste of time. Vegetarians won’t like it, and it probably contains something nasty to give it that flavor.

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“JUST, a San Francisco-based company that makes egg products from mung beans”

Pretty sure that’s not actually possible. Egg substitutes or egg-like maybe.

”KFC chain will sell plant-based fried chicken”

Again, not possible. If it’s made out of plants, it’s not chicken.

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