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Black beans and mango combine in a delicious, filling salad

By Melissa D'Arabian

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Looks and sounds delicious ! Have gotta try it !

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Good one. Love all kinds of beans, mango too but sometimes expensive. I cut the mango along the center and then use a spoon to separate the large stone which I also clean to get the last of the mango off.

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Never understood the need to put fruit in salad... beans, lovely, mango, great. But not together.

I guess I'm a salad-apartheidist.

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Fruits are great in all sorts of dishes, not only salads. Curries. Pork and apples, ham and pineapples. Italian ham and melon. Turkey and blueberries. Be brave.

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Bet you put pineapple on pizza. Monster!

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Bet you put pineapple on pizza. Monster!

No nor natto. Lived in Italy for years so I'm very much a traditionalist with pizza and pasta. It was there I first ate Prosciutto ham and melon with a cold white wine. The Italians have fruits in their salads too. Olives, plums, tomatoes, artichokes and cucumbers are fruits. Figs is another good one. Gee! Time to eat my pawn fresh tagliatelle pasta and drink my Japanese beer which we have every Saturday evening. Buona mangiata!

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