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Black & white chocolate pies return to McDonald’s Japan with 'white king' update

By grape Japan

Since 2007, McDonald's Japan has welcomed the beginning of cooler temperatures every fall with 三角チョコパイ sankaku choco pai, literally "triangular chocolate pies." These popular hot desserts* celebrating their 15th anniversary this year feature the winning combination of a crispy, flaky pie crust made by layering multiple sheets of pie dough and a deliciously rich, creamy filling.

This year, in addition to the classic 三角チョコパイ黒 (sankaku choco pai kuro | lit. "black triangle chocolate pie"), McDonald's is introducing an update to their white chocolate version. In their official English nomenclature, they're calling it "Sankaku Choco Pie White," but in Japanese, it's the 三角チョコパイ白の王様 (sankaku choco pai shiro no osama), which literally translates as "triangle chocolate pie: white king."

The "White King"

Whereas previously sold white chocolate pies featured only one type of vanilla cream with crushed almonds in it, this regal update gives the pie two different fillings: a white chocolate cream with not only almonds but also macadamia nuts for a rich nutty flavor, and a rich vanilla cream with real vanilla seeds. This new pie costs 160 yen (including tax)* and will only be available for a limited time, so don't miss it.


Sankaku Choco Pie Black


The ever-popular Sankaku Choco Pie Black features a rich chocolate cream with crushed almonds in it, wrapped in a crispy pie crust. It costs 140 yen (including tax)*.

Cute bears on the package

For a limited time, the pies will come in cute packages based on the motif of "hungry bears," with the Sankaku Choco Pie Black featuring a chocolate-colored bear and the "White King" version featuring a white bear with a mustache in the image of a king.


Both pies will be available at most McDonald's branches throughout Japan from October 12.

  • Contents are hot so be careful when eating.

  • May be priced differently at some branches.

You can get more details on the products and related gift campaigns at the official product page at McDonald's Japan's website.

Actors 伊藤沙莉 Sairi Ito (voice of Antonio in "Poupelle of Chimney Town," Rumi Nonomiya in Makoto Shinkai's upcoming film" Suzume no Tojimari") and 志尊淳 Jun Shison (Mukahi Gakuto in the stage adaptation of "The Prince of Tennis," Masa in the TV dramatization and film adaptation of "The Way of the Househusband") star in the TV commercial.

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I love these. I ate way too much before and I spent a lot of time in the mens room but they are so tasty!

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Half 'n half; my favorite.

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