British town of Sandwich celebrates 250 years of sandwiches


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British food... simply the best.

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A slice of toast in between two slices of bread.

That must be a local specialty somewhere - I'm British and I've never heard of it let alone seen one.

Now a chip butty? Yum. (That's a chip as in fish and chips, not as Americans would describe a potato crisp)

Did you know there are Jam Butty mines in Knotty Ash? Ask Dickie Mint (Google Ken Dodd if you think I am insane)

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Either make it yourself, Gen, or else at a pinch Subway isnt too horrible, even if the bread is a bit sweet. There used to be a Pret a Manger, but that closed down years ago.

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A bit cheeky by the town of Sandwich. Other than the name, there is no connection between the Earl's of Sandwich and the town, The Montagu's ancestral home is Hinchingbrooke House in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, and the 'sandwich' was 'invented' whilst the aforementioned Earl was gambling in Mayfair.

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You can get a real "sand" in your own kitchen. That's about it. Get your ingredients sourced and you are good to go.

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I have to correct myself: the "toast sandwich":

A slice of toast in between two slices of bread.

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And Britain is also known for that culinary masterpiece known as the Bread Sandwich - a slice of bread between two other slices of bread - and nothing else! What inventiveness the Brits have!

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What! I thought this story was about sandwiches. And where I can eat 'em. I see the word "sandwich" and I just go! It's conditioning from being here too long and the lack there of in the country (like Mexican food). Where can I get a real sandwich in Tokyo?

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