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Bubble tea stand debuts pumpkin milk tea and other autumn veggie boba in Japan

By Jess, grape Japan

The bubble tea trend in Japan has brought all kinds of interesting variations on the sweet beverage to the fore. We’ve seen very cheap bubble teaPokemon bubble tea, and even ridiculously tall bubble teas.

Now for autumn, Japan’s branches of Taiwanese bubble tea chain The Alley will be making use of some hearty fall vegetables to create a new milk tea sensation.


But this doesn’t mean that the lineup will be savoury, The Alley’s signature Assam milk tea will be mixed with cinnamon and cream to create sweet beverages with a vegetable twist.

Pumpkin x carrot bubble tea


There’s three seasonal flavours to choose from. First up is a fall staple, pumpkin, but with a hint of carrot as well.

Pistachio x Japanese mustard spinach bubble tea


The green option is a novel combination of Japanese mustard spinach and pistachio.

Chestnut x purple sweet potato bubble tea


One absolutely bursting with classic Japanese autumn tastes is the chestnut and purple sweet potato addition.


These drinks all cost 630 yen each and for 50 yen extra you can add a tapioca ball topping to make it a true bubble milk tea. In keeping with the autumn theme these teas are served hot to keep you toasty during the chilly season. The lineup will be sold from Sept 18 until Nov 1. Check out The Alley’s locations on their website.

Source: PR Times

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The pumpkin tea looks tasty. Here in America we have pumpkin lattes from Starbucks and they are good!

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I love how every bubble tea house says that their product has an advantage over the other 20 bubble tea houses in the 1 kilometer area.

I hope this bubble tea is faddish abomination ends soon.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Paper cups. Nice. Recyclable, I hope, and not plastic-lined.

I wonder though, if the lids and those accursed straws are plastic.

The lazy, selfish people who buy this tea are responsible for so much of the litter in the streets in recent years.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

The link provided here contains photos which are coy about packaging, but their FB page shows the usual plastic cups with plastic lids with plastic straws. pff.

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