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Burger King has cologne for hamburger lovers in Japan


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Sounds too desperate a marketing campaign to be true. Should we even ask if this is an animal tested cosmetic product?

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I did some time working in fast food burger joints as a teen, as many have. One thing I remember clearly is that after a long shift I would make a beeline for the shower to get rid of that "grilled beef burger scent" in my hair and on my skin and clothes. It's a 'fragrance' I would pay good money not to have to endure, or subject others to.

Still, as a novelty item these 1,000 "Flame Grilled" fragrances could be worth money among collectors someday.

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Funny, because the one thing I don't like about BK is that it takes some work to get the smell out of my hands and mouth afterwards.

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Sounds like a funny souvenir to give folks back home or sell on EBay but 5000yen is way too big a risk.

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"It’s not an April Fools’ Day joke, though the company chose the date deliberately."

What's the reason for April 1 then?

"one thing I don't like about BK is that it takes some work to get the smell out of my hands and mouth afterwards"

Really! What about McD's? lol

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If you were seriously hungry then this might be quite an attractive fragrance on your partner.

If you'd just eaten I imagine it'd be a bit horrible.

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BK is a little late on this one. Already saw (buy didn't buy) a Wendy's "edible" lubricant in an adult store in Shibuya. The name of it was "Where's the beef?" I guess if BK wanted to follow suit, they could call theirs "the Whopper," but only in the West.

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