Burger King's answer to summer heat: copious amounts of meat and garlic


We’re still searching for that perfect way to survive summer, whether it be by eating cow tongue ice cream or tossing water onto the street. However, Burger King claims they have the answer we’ve all been looking for: grilled meat, fried garlic, and lots of both.

Starting on July 26, they will be releasing two sandwiches as part of their Summer Stamina series dubbed the Garlic Meat Monster and Garlic Double Cheese.

The Garlic Meat Monster (Garlic Meat Beast in English for some reason) is indeed a monster (or beast) containing a Whopper-style quarter-pound charbroiled beef patty, a pork patty with a blend of spices and seasonings unique to Japan, AND a slow-roasted tender chicken breast.

This heap of meat is then topped with large slices of fried garlic. The sandwich is completed with a special sauce that blends green onion and red miso, lettuce, tomato, onion and mayonnaise, all on a sesame seed bun.

Burger King Japan claims that this and the following burger are intended to “give stamina to our customers during the hot summer when their appetite and strength are drained.” However, with our diminished appetites in the summer heat, the Garlic Meat Monster might be a little much. For that, Burger King will let you recharge gently with the smaller Garlic Double Cheese burger.

Despite the name, the Garlic Double Cheese only has one slice of cheese. It does, however, have two 63-gram beef patties, a helping of fried garlic, a spicy pepper Caesar sauce, and some more black pepper. The image appears to show some bacon on top, but bacon wasn’t mentioned in the description. Perhaps they only serve that to people they especially like?

The Garlic Meat Monster will go for 650 yen and the Garlic Double Cheese is 320 yen. However, from July 26 to 29, the Garlic Double Cheese will be available for the “trial price” of 200 yen as BK wants as many customers as possible to experience the stamina boosting effects of their meaty and garlicky sandwiches.

Source: Burger King Japan

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Who ever comes up with these crappy sounding burgers needs to have a think about what flavour and taste people really want to eat. A special sauce that blends green onion and red miso doesnt sound particularly enticing and a helping of fried garlic, a spicy pepper Caesar sauce, and some more black pepper doesnt make me want to rush out and grab one either.

Perhaps they could use decent bacon and cook it properly too, instead of that enemic lightly cooked stuff they usually use here.

Open more Wendys round the place and hurry up will ya !

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Cow tongue ice cream? The mere thought of this gives me the shivers, and not in a good way.

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I wish we had these two options here in the US

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The burgers sound tasty. Will have to try one.

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Despite the name, the Garlic Double Cheese only has one slice of cheese

Maybe the slice is made from 2 types of cheese.

Like a 4 cheese pizza (i get from my local shop) has 4 types of cheese topping all melted together.


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Garlic Monster burger - just don,t try to go on a date after eating one. many calories does this creation contain?

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Sounds tasty. BK is pretty good, way better than McD, not as good as Mos for meat, but better than Mos in flavor variation.

BK had an avocado burger I really liked, hope they still have it.

Weirdest new ice cream flavor I have tried: Basil Ice Cream. Odd but edible, and actually refreshing in the heat. Sort of like a mint-type feel but different taste.

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BK's Grilled Pork sandwich is pretty good, and until the end of July it's only 200 yen.

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