Cadbury combines Vegemite with chocolate


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sporadic rioting breaks out in Australia.

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Is there some conspiracy afoot to mess abaht wiv Cadburys? First we have the Americans bastardising the creme egg and taking the milk out of Dairy Milk chocolate, now we have the Aussies mixing it with brewery refuse.

Vegemite can be found in 70% of Australian homes.

Dust bunnies can be found in nearly 100% of homes worldwide, but that don't mean people want them with their chocolate.

Wot a waste of perfectly good chocolate. If something ain't broke, why try to fix it?

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The bottom line is that rising cocoa prices mean that we can look forward to less chocolate and more "filling". Still, I prefer this over the U.S. option where cocoa is replaced by hydrogenated vegetable oils and more sugar to cover the taste, to the point where U.S. "chocolate" cannot legally be sold as chocolate in the EU since it contains almost no cocoa.

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Let's keep it inside Australia. And please do not call it chocolate.

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Vegemite? Ridiculous idea. Disgusting. You must use Marmite.

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Bovril would be my choice if at all.????

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Stick with peanut butter.

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Vegemite? Ridiculous idea. Disgusting. You must use Marmite.

We'll have none of that, thank you very much! Same goes for Promite! :P

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Marmite chocolate has been around for a long while.

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