Can offshore fish farming feed a hungry world?

By Marlowe HOOD

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Yes or you could, you know promote a plant-based diet, as was eaten in Okinawa when they were still getting old. It's sustainable, healthier and less animals die. We're already producing enough food for 11 billion people, only to feed half of it to cattle.

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Aquaculture has been used for centuries and with recent breakthroughs in fish husbandry it should become a more prominent source of seafood. Governments should be supporting it and heavily investing in it. However, due to the huge amount of people who rely on fishing as their main source of income large scale fish farming will put a lot of financial strain on fishermen with many losing their livelihoods as fish prices drop through competition from cheaper farmed fish.

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Divine Wind said it all.

No need for any more misery in the world.

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