Cauliflower steaks keep you firmly in the produce aisle

By Melissa D'Arabian

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Sounds great (except for the cilantro, but to each their own)! I've recently gotten into turnip steaks, fried in olive oil and finished with a little butter and lemon. The second paragraph says it right: these vegetable steaks will never surpass a beef steak or your other favorite meat, but they make a deliciously satisfying meal for the other days.

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Raw cauliflower ground up in a food processor is a good rice substitute for those cutting carbs, it fries up well. You can make pizza crust out of it, too.

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Try cutting cauliflower into medium size pieces with flat sides. In a plastic bag put a couple of tablespoons of flour and half a teaspoon of turmeric. Put the cauli into the bag and shake until lightly coated in flour. Deep fry for a few minutes. Ends up crispy on the outside and soft, sweet and hot on the inside. Even kids love it.

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Take a slice of cauliflower and place between two steaks. Fry the steaks until medium raw. Remove the cauliflower and discard. Remember to rest the meat.

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That sounds good, Simon B. Sabrage, lol!

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Feta cheese and kosher salt? Which part of not Tokyo do you come from?

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I don't know about kosher salt, but you can get tiny packs of feta at Kaldi, or big ones at Costco.

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Whenever I take my wife shopping at the local shopping street, she loves regaling the stall staff with stories of how her American husband eats his cauliflower raw. They look at me like I'd just ordered a half-kilo of dog meat.

Sounds like a good recipe, but I'll likely still continue to take it raw.

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