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Cheese kuzumochi pudding: A trio of fermented ingredients fuse in a refreshing summer treat

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By Ben K, grape Japan

You can enjoy pudding almost anywhere in the world, but you're not likely to experience puddings like the ones they make at Funabashiya 船橋屋. A venerable establishment with 214 years of history in Tokyo, they are most famous for a jelly-like dessert called kuzumochi 葛餅, a Tokyo specialty, made with fermented wheat starch, as well as other traditional sweets, and one of their most popular desserts is kuzumochi pudding くず餅プリン.

Cheese Kuzumochi Pudding

This refreshing dessert perfect for summer combines the delicious umami-rich tastes and beneficial properties of three fermented ingredients:

-- Their special home-made wheat starch which is fermented in lactic acid for 450 days. This imparts a deliciously comforting texture to the pudding.

-- Miso, one of Japan's most famous and internationally known fermented foods, is added for just the right salty and savory hint of flavor.

-- And of course, it can't be a cheese pudding without cheese. Funabashiya uses a premium cream cheese blended into the pudding.

-- And to top it all off and create a refreshing summery taste, a layer of mikan tangerine gelee creates the perfect match to the creamy pudding beneath. Dip your spoon into the cheese pudding and enjoy the blend of contrasting flavors in your mouth.

Hiroo Main Store

You can enjoy the Cheese Kuzumochi Pudding at the main store in Hiroo or order it for takeout to have at your hotel or wherever you'd like to enjoy a taste of Japanese summer.

It's also available at the Perrier Chiba Ekinaka store, the Ecute Tokyo Store and the Ecute Edition Shibuya Store.

Price: 436 yen (excluding tax)

Availability: Until Aug 15 (July 16 to Sept 30 with grapefruit gelee)

Where: Hiroo Main Store, Perrier Chiba Ekinaka store, Ecute Tokyo Store, Ecute Edition Shibuya Store

For more information about Funabashiya Koyomi, please visit their homepage here.

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