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Chef’s super easy and delicious 'omuraisu' recipe is an omelette cooking life-saver

By grape Japan

When it comes to Japan's love of classic "Western food" dishes that have made the translation from retro-style cafes to home cooking, it's hard to argue with omuraisu, omelette rice, as being top of the leaderboard. The popular dish serves up an oval-like particularly fluffy French style omelette, stuffed with seasoned fried rice and usually served with a dollop of ketchup.

However, omuraisu can be a little bit of a challenge to prepare at home as many can't quite perfectly wrap their rice in the omelette, as well as get often desired "fluffy" and runny consistency of the eggs.

Fortunately Japanese chef Mugi Rice (@HG7654321) is quick on Twitter to provide delicious recipes and easy-to-follow tricks and tips to overcoming difficulties in cooking. In the past Mugi has shown has to whip up Japanese-festival style street stall corn at homeuse mochi to make the perfect pancakes, and how to upgrade tofu into a gourmet dish.

This time, Mugi is showing off an alternative to making omuraisu at home that can be a real time saver. The chef suggests saying goodbye to the fuss of trying to make the perfectly omelette by embracing the dish's fried rice beginnings.

Photo: @HG7654321

Photo: @HG7654321

First, sausage and chopped onions are sautéed in a frying pan, then beaten eggs are added.

The key is to fry them so that they do not lose their shape as much as possible in order to make a large fried egg.

Photo: @HG7654321

Photo: @HG7654321

According to Mugi, one-half teaspoon of soy sauce and five tablespoons of ketchup for every 200 grams of rice makes for a delicious dish. This version of omuraisu may not give you the classic oval egg aesthetic, but is much easier to prepare at home and packs all the flavor of the foodie favorite.

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My daughter and all our friends say I should open a restaurant in Japan that serves nothing but deep-dish omelet and quiche. Both my specialties. Killer Quiche™©

Rhyme 'omelet' for a free one.

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TP's deep-dish omelet,

Satisfying with no regret.

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These recipe articles are really weak! There was one a while back described as a life hack for cooking edamame in a microwave, instead of a pan. It was no simpler, as cooking edamame is a simple as it is possible to get anyway. This omelette is similar, it is just fried rice, no omelette at all. If it is not possible to do better than this, please do not bother.

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