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Chicken gets a nice soak in Greek marinade

By Katie Workman

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One of the rare occasions that a recipe posted on here uses ingredients that i have available to me here in Japan! Will give this a go soon. Anyone have any suggestions for the rice they show in the pic? It isnt regular white rice...

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+1, usually I see these recipes and don't have any of the ingredients on hand so give up...

try something like this garlic jasmine recipe for the rice:

the kitchen smells divine every time after making this rice!

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I usually fold the tail under a bit so it cooks more evenly. 230 temp sounds about right. Cook it less and let it sit for 10 minutes. Not a rice fan so it's probably Uncle Bens or a lemon garlic lentil soup (lebonese).

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Thanks tokyo-star! That looks absolutely delicious. I will definitely be trying this out in the next couple of day

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afanofjapan: I think it's couscous in the pic, not rice, which makes sense given that it's Greek (Mediterranean) food.

In any case, I have a huge Greek cookbook and often make food here, although the creams and butters that often go in sauces are very hard to get, or were until CostCo. Greek yoghurt, for example, is still relatively non-existent and you have to make your own for tzatziki (just take regular Japanese yoghurt and put it through a coffee filter overnight. The only problem is it is reduced to about 40% given how much water is in yoghurt here). Still, it's nice to have this simple recipe to give a little Greek flavour to things. With only ONE restaurant in all of Kansai featuring mainly Greek food, it's tough to get a taste now and then. Thank you!

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afanofjapan: Couscous, by the way, is available in a lot of shops in Japan, like Aeon supermarkets in some places, as well as, of course, CostCo or Seijou Ishii. It's not the most flavourful of foods, but a pat of butter, or some garlic and lemon, can easily change that. And it is SUPER easy to make -- one minute boiling time, if that. But if you want to go full out Greek for the dinner, unless you think it's overkill, try Greek roasted potatoes to go with the chicken, or Greek fish. This is but one recipe I quickly looked up now... there are hundreds.

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Thanks! I've never cooked with couscous, and my only memories are of my mum using it in her never ending food experiments. Looking at some recipes (which all seem to have so many ingredients), i am thinking i could do the recipe that Tokyo-star suggested, but using Couscous instead...

Thats if i can find it. I will try looking for it tonight after work, but there are none of those fancy international shops where i live. I couldnt even find jasmine/basmati last night when i was looking ingredients.

(oh and i already did a baked potato dish earlier this week, so i think i will go with either couscous or rice if i cant find it)

Chicken is marinating now, albeit with balsamic instead of red wine vinegar (ugh i thought i had the right one but i was wrong). And i ran out of regular olive oil, so had to use basil infused olive oil instead. I'm thinking this dish will be more italian than greek!

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Ok both this recipe and the one Tokyo-star linked me to are going into my recipe list. Unfortunately I couldn't find any couscous or even jasmine rice, so I made it with regular Japanese rice (and I cheated by using my rice cooker after the lightly toasting step), but but this and the chicken were absolutely delicious!

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