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Chinese zodiac doughnuts from Krispy Kreme promise delicious and auspicious new year

By Jess, grape Japan

We’re slowly edging towards the new year, the biggest celebration in the Japanese calendar, and it’s nearly time for Krispy Kreme to bring back their extra special "Good Luck Eto Dozen" doughnuts.

Last year as we went into the year of the pig, the American doughnut chain released a set of specially designed doughnuts with a seasonal theme, exclusive to Japan. They included Christmas doughnuts, wintery doughnuts, and the main star of the show, a super cute boar doughnut to celebrate the Chinese zodiac animal.

And they don’t plan on disappointing this year either, with a sweet rodent inspired treat to mark the year of the rat. During New Year celebrations in Japan, the Chinese zodiac animal decorations will be displayed prominently to help usher in a lucky (whisper it) 2020.


As a contribution to our good fortune, Krispy Kreme Japan have created the super cute ‘Happy Mouse Caramel' (in English we call it the year of the rat, but in the Japanese word nezumi, a distinction between rats and mice isn’t made). The sweet caramel chocolate icing exterior hides a salted caramel cream interior and his twitchy little mouse features were made with bitter chocolate.


The Lucky Strawberry Ring is making a comeback from last year. This doughnut is coated in the auspicious color red, which is often used in New Year decorations. The strawberry topping is sprinkled with gold dust for a festive sparkle.


And for a general wintery motif, the Snowman Chocolate is back too, covered in milky white chocolate. This chocolate-filled friend is the perfect accompaniment to the Lucky Strawberry Ring, since the red and white combo makes the traditional Japanese New Year colors.

Each doughnut can be bought separately for 230 yen each, but if you’re going to a special seasonal event you might want to consider picking up one of the "Good Luck Eto Dozen" boxes (Eto meaning Chinese zodiac in Japanese). This set of twelve (2,000 yen) includes all the seasonal doughnuts and a few extras and would be perfect to bring to a party. They also offer sets of six (1,100 yen) and three (660 yen).

These lucky treats will go on sale in Krispy Kreme branches around Japan from Dec 26 and will stick around until about half way through January.

Source: Krispy Kreme Japan.

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Don’t how how they can continue to stay open in Japan being that even the thought of KK makes m teeth ache.

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