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Chocolate wards off hunger, and maybe sunburn too


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i wonder what kind of placebo they can give for chocolate..

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The placebo's will either be really cheap chocolate with no cocoa solids, or something Japanese filled with bean paste.

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"Chocolate wards off hunger"

Ha ha ha ha ha! Ya don't say!

I never buy Godiva chocolate candies because they're way too expensive, but once in a while I splurge on their Dark Chocolate Decadance drink, that is sooooo good.

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i wonder what kind of placebo they can give for chocolate..

hmmm, 'white chocolate'?

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Not a fan of Godiva. They include a lot of wax so the chocolates can hold those intricate shapes. Hell, Godiva hasn't really been Godiva for over 40 years -- they were bought out by Campbell's Soup in the '60s!

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What an interesting story. This sounds like another excuse to treat myself to some chocolate.

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I wanna be prevailed upon to eat three squares of chocolate per day for 12 weeks ! Sounds really rough!

Japan produces some fairly good chocolates, used to be better. American Hershey's is poor quality -- their grinders aren't good enough and the result is gritty. Try Cote D'or (Belgium), easily found in Japan and quite nice for the price!

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