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Coca-Cola No. 1 in Japan with drinks galore, but not Coke


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Gotta say that Coke products here in Japan are more carbonated than one's I have drank in the US. There, Coke is all syrupy and leaves one feeling like they have to brush their teeth after drinking.

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Coke is poison...chemicals and white sugar in a bottle. That is why I buy bottled water. Going to switch off from Coke sponsored water, thanks to this article.

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I have to say, the one thing I absolutely hate about Japan is the constantly changing products that are here today and gone tomorrow. It's great to discover a new drink or snack you really like, but even more of a letdown to see it disappear from the shelves in about a month or two... never to return again. It seems like even the products everyone loves end up being culled to make room for something new. How does that make commercial sense? I've actually given up on trying anything new because of this. I just stick with the classics.

As far as Coca-cola, it would be nice to have Sprite Zero available in Japan. It came and went a few years ago.

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People here want drinks that make them healthy, not fat, nor corpulent nor obese.

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Coke is poison...chemicals and white sugar in a bottle. That is why I buy bottled water.

Why don't you buy a water filter and use your own thermos instead of wasting all that plastic?

I only buy coke in the 8 ounce glass bottles and have one maybe once a month. No big deal. I do like Mountain Dew on Taco night though.

And can anyone tell me why regular Pepsi has been banned in Japan, especially the fountain Pepsi. I noticed this maybe 10 months ago at Costco, and noticed Jolly Pasta stopped offering it over a year and a half ago. Costco is still advertising it as Pepsi, but it's really Pepsi Zero or something like that. Contacted Costco and they said the regular fountain Pepsi is banned. I'm not seeing it in the vending machines either, but I did find a Liter bottle just this week at Yamaya and checked the taste. Seems OK.

Anyway, I drink mostly water, then milk and alcohol, in that order.

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Maybe it's just me but all the bottled teas taste exactly the same... when I want to drink a good mugi tea, or green tea I drink it at home. Bottled teas are just nice packed colored water with some tea fragrance anyway, nothing compared to "cream melon soda" or similars..

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Hi Fizz, I also like the regular Pepsi and I didn't know why it is so difficult to find (I didn't know about any ban). I can still find it at some vending machines near the place I live (Tokyo). But not at convenience stores anymore, only some stuff (zero, strong, etc.) I don't like

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I used to drink Suntory vitamin water but it is gone with the wind now, the Aquarius vitamin guard tastes like dish water IMHO, i like lemon CC but i try to stay away from sugar bombs ;)

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nothing like an ice cold Coke the morning after a big night.

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Coke rots your teeth.....

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kurisupisuDEC. 01, 2016 - 05:33PM JST Coke rots your teeth.....

People have choice. Best thing is free water.

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Coke and Pepsi are artificially flavored and colored sugar water. I drank them for years, which may be one reason I now have high blood sugar. Wish I had know better. Now, it's green tea for me, and lots of it.

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Coca Cola should be prosecuted, but it is also the fault of the people for knowingly choosing it.

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