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Combat Japan’s summer heat with Mister Donut's chilled doughnuts

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By grape Japan

Mister Donut is a Japanese doughnut chain, and they are known for their awesome seasonal creations and exciting collaboration treats.

They’ve teamed up with Belgian patisserie Wittamer on some luxurious chocolate doughnuts for Valentine’s Day, and even with a historic Japanese tea house for some matcha delights.

Next month, they’re starting the second leg of their collaboration with Bake Inc. with some baked dessert-inspired doughnuts. Some of the bakery’s famous treats, like their Bake Cheese Tart and the Zaku Zaku Croquant Chou, have been recreated in doughnut form.


There’s two doughnut versions of the Zaku Zaku Croquant Chou. The first one is a custard cream and whipped cream sandwich doughnut with an oven-baked almond crunch topping.


The second one is a Double Choco version with a chocolate glaze and chocolate cream filling.


The next option in the lineup combines the Zaku Zaku way of doing things with Mister Donut’s Pon de Ring doughnut shape and texture. Like the previous doughnut, it has an almond crunch and chocolate topping.


Based on Bake Inc’s flagship product, the Bake Cheese Tart Doughnut also comes in two flavors. The classic version has an oven baked cheese whip topping on top of a doughnut made with the same dough as Mister Donut’s Old Fashioned.


There’s also a chocolate option with chocolate cheese whip and a chocolate coating on the doughnut.


Mister Donut's tip for the summer is to wrap these doughnuts up in clingfilm and chill them in the refrigerator for one hour. The result should make for a tasty way to beat the heat.


The doughnuts cost between 183 and 253 yen depending on whether you eat in or take out. The Bake Cheese Tart Doughnuts are already in store, and the Zaku Zaku treats will appear from Aug 3. But, they are sadly set to disappear off the menu around the end of August.

Source: PR Times

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Only if they still have those point cards, so I can get useful things occasionally, like that small zippered bag they gave away a few years ago. I use it for a pistol bag.

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