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Croissant doughnuts - the perfect afternoon snack

By Cara Clegg

Bakery chain Banderole is the first company to start selling New York’s popular croissant doughnuts here in Japan.

Made from crispy, savory croissant pastry, this classy dessert comes from Banderole’s own original recipe and pastry mix. A fusion of croissant and doughnut, biting though the crunchy outer layer brings you to the softer, flaky insides. The combo offers the appeal of a traditional doughnut design, but without the stodgy heaviness of doughnut dough. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it.

With savory, flaky batter drizzled with smooth rich chocolate, they’re not too sweet or calorie-laden, and are bound to appeal to health-conscious Japanese ladies looking to indulge just a little bit.

The croissant doughnuts come in a variety of flavors including crispy chocolate, the slightly bitter-sweet strawberry chocolate, rich matcha (green tea) chocolate, and smile white chocolate which uses two types of chocolate. Try them in any of Banderole’s 81 stores across Japan. There’s also a salted caramel flavor that will be sold in a limited number of stores. As well as the regular flavors, Banderole also plans to regularly release a flavor-of-the-month which will be sold for that month only, so you’ll never get bored.

It’s great that these new creations will be less fattening than regular doughnuts, but I’ll probably end up buying so many that it won’t make a difference.

Source: NariNari

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Love the smiles...

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There's nothing better than eating something that's been smiling at you.

These do sound nice, but I've never heard of the store. Are they nationwide?

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