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Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Double Cheese Beef Bowl ditches noodles for rice in instant gyudon

By grape Japan

While Nissin's top instant ramen brand Cup Noodle continues to release a variety of exciting flavors, one mainstay ingredient in most of them is its signature mystery meat. While the true makeup of Cup Noodle's mystery meat has long been revealed, that hasn't stopped Nissin from releasing karaage fried chicken versions of it and fried rice packed with it.

In October, Nissin decided to give mystery meat fans some cheesy satisfaction with their new Cup Noodle Mystery Meat Double Cheese Beef Bowl, which forgoes the usual noodles with rice so that you can make your very own cheesy gyudon (beef bowl) at home.

Photo: grape Japan

We were curious to see what it tasted like, so we decided to give it a try. The process is quite similar to making standard Cup Noodle, but as rice replaces the noodles, it requires some shaking to really stir things up, which the instructions on the cup say help rises the mystery meat to the top. The Cup Noodle Mystery Met Double Cheese Beef Bowl comes with both a sweet and spicy soy sauce as well as a special beef and cheese sauce to double the cheese bits already in the cup.

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As they said, shaking things up really brings the mystery meat to the top.

Photo: grape Japan

Pour hot water in and let it cook for five minutes.


The end result really was an especially cheesy and beefy gyudon in a cup, with particularly fluffy rice that added a new texture what could have been a seasonal Cup Noodle ramen flavor.

Photo: grape Japan

What we noticed the most, however, was how the double soy sauce blend really replicated the flavor of the rice at the bottom of a beef bowl that has absorbed the sauce and meaty juices of an actual beef bowl, making it really taste like a restaurant gyudon in a cup--although loaded with mystery meat.

Photo: grape Japan

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This just sounds purely awful -- worse than regular instant stuff. Anyone who eats this garbage has a serious death wish, although I understand it's a quick and cheap alternative to other foods.

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Looks nothing like the one I make. Best Gyudon this side of New York.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

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