Photo: YouTube Shorts: 「【600万再生された!揚げない唐揚げ】」

Delicious deep-fried Japanese karaage style chicken needs no oil to make

By grape Japan

Popular YouTube channel 経塚翼【簡単ダイエット食堂】"Tsubasa Kyozuka's Easy Diet Cooking" has garnered over 800,000 total followers captivated by their easy-to-follow diet-friendly recipes.

For example, you may be familiar with 唐揚げ karaage, the Japanese version of deep-fried chicken. It's a delicious dish, very popular with both Japanese people and visitors alike. However, since it calls for deep-frying in oil, it can also be a bit heavy on calories and probably not the healthiest dish to eat in large quantities.

If you're making it at home, you'll also need a copious amount of oil, a big pot or deep-fryer and, if you don't have a splash guard, you'll likely need to spend some extra time cleaning up the splattered oil on your gas or electric stove.

But Tsubasa Kyozuka posted a recipe for karaage-style chicken which doesn't require a drop of oil to cook it, thereby making it healthier, less costly, less messy, faster to prepare, and faster to clean up.

It's no wonder the video has been viewed 6 million times so far.

For this recipe, all you need is a Teflon-coated frying pan with a lid. If you can't find 片栗粉 katakuriko (potato starch), corn starch will also work, and white wine can replace sake if you have no choice.

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, the tender chicken morsels truly look appetizing!

Those who actually made the recipe left comments such as: "I was impressed with how crispy it turned out" and "It was delicious!"

Why not give it a try?

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I grill my chicken in the fish griller in every Japanese kitchen. This looks good though.

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I grill my chicken in the fish griller in every Japanese kitchen. This looks good though.

OK, I'll try that tonight. Do you give it an oil coating before?

karaage, the Japanese version of deep-fried chicken.

Shouldn't this say "*karaage, the Japanese version of deep-fried chicken thighs."*

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I grill my chicken in the fish griller in every Japanese kitchen. This looks good though.

My personal opinion is that grilled meat tastes the best.

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