Demand grows for halal food as industry evolves


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I hope Japan will improve the labeling on their food products to make it more convenient for vegetarians, Muslims, Jews etc. Most of the meat imported from Brazil, USA, Australia, New Zealand is halal anyways. The problem is that local supermarkets take them out of the original packaging to put them in small plastic trays but don't put halal label on it.

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Anyday now, the Japanese whaling fleet will be heading home from the Southern Ocean with the end of whale hurting season by the end of the month. On board the Nisshin Mura will be halal wheat meat, probably a smaller catch than even last year when it was the smallest in decades. Won't be long before the halal bacon is on the table?

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This year the whaling ship Nisshin Maru was certified to be halal so when the whaling fleet returns at the end of the month it will be the first time halal whale bacon will become available once its released into the market.

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However, as with most issues in religion, opinions vary greatly over what is permissible and what is not.

while they don't eat pork the situation over eating whale seems less clear with some agreeing and other disagreeing?

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talking about halal is off topic with the mods deleting three comments. What's the post about then because even the post headline mentions halal?

Moderator: You seem to be obsessed with referring to whaling on this thread, which is not what this story is about, as you very well know.

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Animal rights activists are starting to protest the 'halal' way of slaughtering the animal whilst it hangs upside down, as an unnecessary cruelty, as opposed to the usual 'humane 'way of killing the animal.

Similar to kosher practices, Islam requires the animal is killed with single slash to the throat while alive. It is intended as a way for animals to die swiftly and minimize their pain.

A visit to a slaughterhouse and observation of the practice will quickly reveal that it is neither swift nor painless.

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