Denmark's Noma reclaims world's best restaurant title


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Enough to make one proud of one's Danish origins ! Now the French side of the family has to try to catch up !

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What's the best restaurant in Japan? At least there's a chance I might go to that one.

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Narisawa and Nihonryori RyuGin, both in Tokyo, finished in the top 50, a little lower than last year, though.

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Britain’s Restaurant magazine

That's where I stopped reading

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There are so many good restaurants in the world. There is no way to isolate the "top 10" except by using favoritism and politics. Great marketing gimmick though. British food is worlds better than it was 20 years ago, by the way. Go back 40 years, and American food wasn't much to write home about. In any case, the magazine used an international team of judges.

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