How many cherries in frozen pie? FDA may soon drop rules


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And they laughed when Bush senior declared ketchup a vegetable.

south Park covered this with the Reverse cowgirl episode

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What are the odds that this issue was "brought up" by a friendly Mar-A-Lago club member?

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I hope you all feel sorry for US consumers. We buy "cheese" that is vegetable oil and orange food coloring. Our "milk" is manufactured and full of who knows what hormones, and the list goes on and on. I think the EU has it right regulating food differently than manufactured goods that do not go in your body. I think anything that is fake or an innovation should very clearly say that on the box or wrapper such as "FAKE IMITATION CHEESE".

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When a worrying percentage of Americans think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows, I doubt that they will really care about the percentage of cherries that can be found in a cherry pie.

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declared ketchup a vegetable

its laughable I know for two reasons , obviously ketchup isn't a vegetable and scientifically speaking tomatoes are actually a fruit. LOL

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They do this because companies will literally sell you a cherry pie with 0.03045% of cherries in it.

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This was really a bomb shell. Another government agency to count cherries?? How about blueberry pies??Sometimes I just want to run to Shukkei-en Garden and hide in there for a few days.

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The govt "declared ketchup a vegetable" under Reagan, not Bush. Done for the purpose of reducing the cost and nutritional value of school lunches served to students unable to afford them.

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followed by a similar revocation of the standard for French dressing. Plans to get rid of the obscure rules had been tucked into the Trump's administration's deregulation agenda .

What on earth do they want to do with French dressing?

Such rules may be "obscure" but they have enormous value in protecting the consumer. The manufacturer does not care - it just wants to reduce production costs.

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