Devotees in Japan finally get Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

By Lisa Twaronite

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When I saw that display of orange, here in Japan, I was very pleasantly surprised!

I'm also glad it's preservative-free.

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Reese's!!!!! Finally! I can't wait to sink my teeth into them!!!

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After being in Japan for 7 years I finally had one again when a coworker brought some back from Hawaii. I couldn't believe how salty they were. I'd never noticed it growing up in the States, but now they weren't nearly as good as I remembered from my childhood.

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"We’ve decided to sell them in Japan because there were customers’ opinions such as ‘being addicted,’” said a Seiyu spokeswoman."

That's always a good endorsement. I liked them ice cold and crunchy.

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There are still preservatives, just not that one listed in the article. I agree with the comment on the saltiness. I don't remember them being that salty when I was a kid either.

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I like peanut butter spread on a butty, but these are just too sickly for me.

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I prefer the texture of these to the texture of peanut butter.

The products are the same as those sold in the United States, minus a preservative not approved for use in Japan.

That's gotta be a selling point!

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They come in a dozen sizes, shapes, and textures back home and I always bring back a hefty supply. So they're only available at Seiyu then ? How about conbinis ? I agree on the salty comment, that's why some of the less salty varieties such as the PB balls or biscuits go down a little easier. I wonder which varieties are coming ? More info please !

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Great. More junk food from the USA. Like Americans are so slim and healthy...

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Yes, just another part of the plot to make Japanese FAT!

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Seems like back in the '60s and '70s, they had more chocolate and less peanut butter than they do now. There's hardly any chocolate left in them.

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Now I am really saddened to read this story.


Well because my wife would kill for a bag of reese's pieces!.

Back in the states I made the mistake of intoducing her to those small treats and then she became addicted to them.

Now whenever we headout shopping at a western themed store she searches for them like an addict searching for a fix.

If she hears about this I see a shopping excursion coming in the near future.

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Yes, just another part of the plot to make Japanese FAT!

Believe me, Japan already has enough sweets of their own to make them fat.

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Great. More junk food from the USA. Like Americans are so slim and healthy...

How so? So then that means, Crunky, Milka, Pucca, Cream Collon, Dars, Koalas March, Kinoko No Yama, Caplico, Bisuko and others belong to the "junk food" category. Making those kind of statements means that you don't know anything about American food or American cuisine . Don't blame the food, the food is diverse as in ANY country and varies from region to region. Blame the people who eat themselves into oblivion and don't know how to pace themselves, those are the dumb ones.

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I have loved Reese's peanut butter cups ever since I was introduced to them by my Merkan boyfriend over 20 years ago.

They sell them in the UK now, but I do find them rather too sweet for my taste, after all this time in Japan (ref: article about adapting to one's adopted country).

That said, if they were on the shelves in a store near me, I might just have to buy a couple packs and suffer through the dental pain.

I agree, they're best out straight of the fridge, like most poor- to mid-quality chocolate is,

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I have been on the J islands way too long, cause I am not even sure what these Reese's peanut butter cups were like, I am sure I had my fair share, say around that trick or treat time of the year??

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Never heard of them but american sweets tend to be bad for the waist-line. Plus peanuts tend to have a punch.

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