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Domino’s Japan’s globetrotting pizza has 10 cheeses in one

By Ben K, grape Japan

Cheese-lovers living in Japan may recall Domino's Pizza Japan's outrageously cheese-loaded New Yorker 1kg Ultra Cheese pizza. Domino's takes its cheese very seriously, even hiring a CCO (Chief Cheese Officer) and paying them a handsome salary of 1 million yen a day (albeit for only a day).

Now, the cheese-obsessed folks at Domino's Japan have come up with yet another tantalizing treat for the pizza-loving turophiles among us. You may have heard of a Quattro Formaggio pizza with four kinds of cheese, but have you ever heard of a single pizza with 10 kinds of cheese? Too much cheese for one pizza, you say? Domino's begs to differ.

The World 10 Cheese Quattro

Since Japanese residents have been forced to cancel their plans to travel abroad this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, Domino's Pizza Japan came up with the next best thing, at least as far as what a pizza can do: A gastronomic tour of the world paved in cheese. And they have dubbed their globetrotting pie: "The World 10 Cheese Quattro."

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If you're wondering how they divvied up 10 types of cheese between four types of pizza—the standard formula for Domino's Quattro pizzas, it's actually one seven-cheese pizza and three pizzas featuring one type of cheese each.

Before we take things any further, let's introduce the 10 types of cheese featured in The World 10 Cheese Quattro.

Photo: PR Times

The The World 10 Cheese Quattro combines:

  • The "Premium Seven-Cheese Pizza" featuring Danish Blue, Italian Boconccino, Hokkaido Camembert, New Zealand Parmesan, Australian Gouda, Australian Cheddar, and American Mozzarella cheese (with a pack of maple syrup for drizzling)
  • The "Dutch Royal Warrant Beemster" pizza with pancetta, basil and cherry tomatoes
  • The "French Mimolette and Shrimp" pizza with shrimp and asparagus
  • The "British Cheddar and Ham" pizza with ham and mushrooms.


Whether you order the Quattro containing all four pizzas or one of the four varieties as a separate pizza, the prices are:

  • Medium: 2,800 yen
  • Regular: 3,300 yen
  • Large: 3,900 yen

AR content

For extra fun, Domino's Japan has some AR content on your smartphone through which you'll be able to display information on the featured cheeses as well as suggested wine pairings for each variety.


You can access the AR content on your smartphone here.


The "World 10 Cheese Quattro", "Premium Seven-Cheese," "Dutch Royal Warrant Beemster," "French Mimolette and Shrimp," and the "British Cheddar and Ham" pizzas are available until Oct 3 for takeout and delivery at participating Domino's Pizza Japan locations.

For more information and to order yours, visit the product page at Domino's Pizza Japan here.

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Their prices are ridiculously high. In an Italian restaurant in Tokyo you will pay 1000 to 1500 yen for freshly oven baked pizza’s. Domino’s pizza’s are good but they are pricing themselves out of the market

0 ( +2 / -2 )

Crazy high prices.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

Nippori NickToday  08:36 am JST

Crazy high prices.

Looks very tasty and delicious but your 'crazy high prices' comes from baking all the 10 pizzas and cobbling these hodge podge pizzas together. Extra work.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

The cheeses of five countries, sourced from ten.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

“British Cheddar”. Dearie me, I don’t think anyone at Dominoes has seen real cheese.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

This is the most disgusting thing I will order every week.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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