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Domino’s Pizza Burger? Chain teases customers with promise of a new menu item in the works

By Oona McGee, SoraNews24

Domino’s Pizza holds the top spot in terms of market share in Japan, consistently winning out over its competitors by thinking outside of the box with new and novel ways for customers to enjoy pizza.

In the past, they’ve given us reindeer deliveries at Christmas and kabe-don wall pounds from delivery drivers, but now they’re thinking beyond pizzas with a new product that’s said to “change the way we think about burgers."

It’s a cryptic message, and one that isn’t helped by the only image they’ve released of what’s in store to come.

As the image above shows, it really does look like Domino’s is hinting at the possibility that they’re branching out into the world of burgers. But…are they really?

According to Domino’s, the new product has been devised in response to customers’ desires to “eat a variety of more delicious things”. This dedication to making customers’ dreams come true has previously resulted in the release of pizza rice bowls for the Japanese market, but we’re not entirely sure whether a Domino’s burger is really on the horizon.

That’s because customers overseas have recently been treated to a new type of pizza dubbed the Burger Joint Pizza.

▼ The shape of the hands in promo photos for the Burger Joint Pizza looks similar to the hands in the cryptic Japanese image.


The Burger Joint Pizza range is a collection of hamburger-style pizzas that debuted in Australia last year. The collection included the following four pizzas: Burger Joint Cheeseburger, Burger Joint Bacon Cheeseburger, Burger Joint Hamburger and Burger Joint Bacon Hamburger.

The pizzas were loaded with beef burger pieces, mozzarella, American cheese slices, and butter pickles topped with a special burger sauce, so that might be what the chain has in store for customers in Japan as well.

Whatever the new menu item is, it’s scheduled to be revealed on Jan 16, when it will become available to purchase, so the mystery will be resolved then. As keen lovers of both burgers and pizzas, we’re definitely curious to give this new menu item a try, so keep an eye on our site for further details!

Source: PR Times

Insert image: Domino’s Australia

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As soon as I lose weight, I will have one. For sure!

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Pizza Hut is way better, and cooler too. No one out pizzas the Hut!

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I make my own with a wholewheat base. Spouse loves them.

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Domino’s Pizza holds the top spot in terms of market share in Japan

This says it all about the state of pizza in Japan.

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