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Doraemon Tokyo Banana appears in convenience stores nationwide

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

Last year marked the 50th anniversary of Japan’s most beloved mascot Doraemon. A year later, and we’re still seeing plenty of special limited goods being released to commemorate 50 years of that little blue robotic cat from the future.

In the latest lineup of celebratory goods, Tokyo Banana recently unveiled a special collaboration with the character, which saw the release of a collection of Tokyo Banana sponge cakes featuring six different Doraemon designs. The cakes were unleashed at FamilyMart and Lawson convenience stores nationwide on Aug 6, and were so popular that stocks were depleted pretty quickly when more than 150,000 units were purchased within the first week.

The cakes quickly became a hot topic on SNS, with users exclaiming how they "can’t wait to eat the super cute cake again." In response, the special edition Doraemon Tokyo Banana sponge cakes are on sale once again at convenience stores across the nation. But much like before, they are limited, so if you missed the first release, now is your chance to pick up a set of the cakes before time is up.


In order to be as dietary inclusive and friendly as possible, Tokyo Banana has made their Doraemon collection gluten-free. Instead of using traditional wheat, this special version is made with domestic rice flour. Additionally, the banana custard cream filling is made using eggs from the brand Mori no Tamago.


As with most Tokyo Banana collaborations, the Doraemon Tokyo Banana collection comes in six different designs; "relaxed smile," "smiley," "big grin," "bamboo copter," "wink" and "playful face." If you are lucky, you may come across the ‘bamboo copter’ design, which is the lucky rare design this time.

Just like the cakes, the outside packaging also comes in six different designs, but what’s inside is at random, so you won’t know what you’ve got until you open the wrapper.


Doraemon Tokyo Banana Sales Information

Price: 291 yen (1 package, 2 pieces)

Returning to the shelves of convenience stores nationwide, this limited edition collection of Tokyo Banana will appear in each region at different intervals. Keep an eye on the official Doraemon Tokyo Banana web page, to see when the cakes will be available in your region.

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Yes I was of one of those 80s/90s kid who had a Doraemon school bag. Now I'm grown up adult and whenever I see Doraemon, it sure reminds me of the nice childhood days but also now, maybe it's Japanese humor cartoon character, but I see that Doraemon actually looks like short chunky willy.

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Love Tokyo Banana.

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