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Drinkable Hi-Chew coming to a Japanese convenience store near you

By Michelle Lynn Dinh

Now you can drink your candy and eat it, too! In just a few days, everyone’s favorite Japanese candy, Hi-Chew, will be available as a (probably) delicious drink!

Japanese confectionery company Morinaga has started selling “Hi-Chew Drink Mikan” in stores across Japan (except for Okinawa, sorry). The drink contains 5 percent fruit juice and is said to be a mix of mikan (Japanese mandarin orange) and milk, giving rise to a creamy beverage reminiscent of Hi-Chew candy.

What’s more, the Hi-Chew drink is emblazoned with the same logo and design style as the namesake candy, making for easy recognition. But act fast, Hi-Chew Drink Mikan will only be on sale until the end of January. Hi-Chew fanatics, you’ve been warned!

Source: NetLab

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I'd rather drink Chuhai than Hi-Chew.

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It's not Chuhai?

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This should be called "No-Chew".

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