Edible bug industry hopes crickets and kin are the next sushi


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Edible bug industry hopes crickets and kin are the next sushi

Hope all you want, but I highly doubt that a cricket is going to be as appealing as a nice tuna roll, or salmon sushi.

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No, but it will lead to less suffering of other animals as well as a cure for human hunger!

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They can start with cockroaches. Too many of them in Japan.

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@yubaru Yet, some people say crickets are delicious. Think of it like nattou. It looks disgusting but it tastes good.

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Edible bug industry hopes crickets and kin are the next sushi

Yeah, crickets maybe, but I ain't eatin my kin.

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Crickets kind of taste like shrimp.

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I like them, they have a nutty, shrimp like taste. I like them best sauté with garlic, chili pepper,onion with corn tortillas and some lime! OMG

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Have tried cricket prepared for human consumption. It's ok, but I'm not a big fan of it either. About the looks, when you think about it, shrimps or crabs are as alien as crickets or spiders, and yet most people don't mind eating them or seeing them on the table. Oysters and mussels are even weirder.

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Crickets raw/live actually are quite good. They taste like avocado. Pull off the legs first though, as they get caught in your throat. Dip in wasabi and shoyu, and makes for an excellent healthy dish.

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Good luck with that venture, not part of my culture and it is just plain disgusting to me so don't count on me for being your customer, if I want to eat something which is tasting like avocado, I will stick to avocado.

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If they want to eat crickets and their kin, let them. I'll partake when there is no more food left except bugs and we are in need of nutrition. Until then, pass.

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I don't mind crickets too much, but is something I will only eat if a host serves it. Even if people accept that they are edible and not too gross when prepared in a palatable way, I have a feeling my views would still be in the majority. I hope they aren't putting their life savings on this.

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There has been movements in the US to begin implementing insects into food, but this is still very uncommon.

I'm not sure why it has been so culturally unwelcome in the US or other places in the world. Many friends and strangers I have met growing up in the United States have phobias toward insects, not as a food, but just generally speaking.

I am personally quite interested in insects and arachnids, and it pleases me that people are not eating them globally.

Without a doubt - if insects become a common/accepted meal in the US, we would begin to see some very exotic species of insect become much harder to find in the wild.

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No problem eating bugs. Have eaten dried grasshoppers here in Japan before. Actually, crispy like potato chips ... but with a different taste, of course. Various types of bugs are considered delicacies in some countries. Next time you see a fat cockroach wandering about your premises, why not catch it and try eating it ... cooked, grilled, ... but I doubt if the raw angle will go down big with you ... and, I hear raw cockroaches are eaten somewhere in this world ....

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" two kinds of insect Bolognese pasta sauce made with mealworms and crickets"

Suddenly I feel ill...

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Hmmm! Crickets, the other green meat! I like cricket just fine, but they keep bringing it to me well-done when I order it medium-rare.

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