Educational dining – Learn your cuts of beef as you eat

By Daniel Nishina

Going into a yakiniku restaurant (a Korean-style BBQ joint) in Japan, you’re usually greeted/slapped in the face with a long menu with many different choices – various parts from various edible animals. Actually, unless you have some strong or specific dislikes, choosing at random can still be a very delicious and fun experience. You may even start to remember which cuts of meat you prefer.

One restaurant has now come up with a clever way you can enjoy a taster from all the various parts of a cow while learning exactly where they all came from.

The tasty beef is presented on a tray in the shape of a cow, with the various cuts on their corresponding parts of the tray, labeled for easy understanding. Even for native Japanese speakers who might have a handle on the basics e.g., “kalbi” (boneless ribs), “tan” (tongue), they can now learn the difference between “high quality” and “normal” kalbi and more. Here’s a handy guide in English.

The person who originally brought this out into the Internet limelight is a politician, Eriko Fukuda, who posted about her meal on Facebook: “The plate costs 2,680 yen and includes many of the more unusual cuts of meat. You need to order/reserve the plate one day in advance, but it’s definitely filling and a better value than ordering each item individually, and it’s fun! The name of the restaurant is easy to remember: Ushida ('ushi' = cow). The chijimi (Korean-style dinner pancake) is good, too!”

We searched around on the Internet and found it: the specific name is Hirano Yakiniku Ushida, and the menu item is called Marugoto Ittou (“one whole cow”) Gyu-gyu, and features 18 cuts of beef from Japanese black beef in Kagoshima, Kyushu. The restaurant itself is in Hirano-ku of Osaka, and reservations are indeed needed one day in advance. It sounds worth a try!

Source: Facebook/Eriko Fukuda, Guru-Navi – Hirano Yakiniku Ushida

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That is a nice idea!

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Not bad for under 3,000 yen...

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Great idea!

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Good idea! Would definitely be up for that.

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Reminds me of the scene in the restaurant in 'Lost in Translation', when Bill Murray stares at a menu of almost identical looking plates of meat and after a moment's irritation, picks one at random.

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Very cool!

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