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FamilyMart adds Uji Matcha flavor to their original cheesecake lineup

By Connie Sceaphierde, grape Japan

For the dessert-lovers among us, the endlessly growing and ever-adapting list of sweet treats from Japan’s convenience stores are one of the things that bring us joy in life. Recently, FamilyMart in particular has started releasing a series of traditional Japanese inspired sweets, that keep us all wondering what guilty pleasures they will bring out next.

Their original sweet series ‘New Sense Cheesecake’ has been on sale since November 2020, and became an immediate hot topic on SNS following its release. As of March, the cheesecake collection has accumulated sales of over 10 million units, with 6.5 million belonging to the chocolate cheesecake flavor alone.

Now, the cheesecake is leveling up, and is getting a whole new make-over designed for the matcha-lovers out there.

A Hokkaido rare mascarpone cheese mousse sits atop a baked matcha cheesecake base, made from a blend of Uji matcha from Kyoto prefecture and cream cheese from Denmark. Lastly, the cheesecake is finished off with a dusting of matcha sponge crumbs.

From the very first bite, a rich cheese flavor seeps into the mouth, before a fragrant matcha taste gradually takes over.

Uji Matcha Cheesecake

Price: 238 yen (tax included)

Availability: FamilyMart stores nationwide

Photo: PR Times

Originally debuting in November of 2020, the FamilyMart Chocolate cheesecake became an instant hit among sweet-tooths, and even earned praise on Japanese television channel TBS.

Like it’s matcha cheesecake sibling, the FamilyMart chocolate cheesecake combines rich Hokkaido mascarpone cheese and Danish cream cheese with original chocolate made from three types of cacao beans.

The FamilyMart Chocolate Cheesecake is also available for 238 yen from FamilyMart stores nationwide.

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