High-end Inishie no Bishu sake Photo: Inishie no Bishu Facebook

Aged like fine wine? Reviving the forgotten culture of vintage sake

By Donican Lam

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The term “Vintage Sake” for Koshu is not appropriate in my opinion. Vintage usually refers to a wine from a single year, not something that has been deliberately aged.

For sake I would use “aged” for deliberately oxidized style or “matured” for sake that has had a few years maturation. Very different beasts.

Quite a few things incorrect in this article actually, but I’m a sake geek!

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A Colheita Port would be the closest in the wine world.

A single vintage-dated Tawny Port (all grapes from one harvest) aged in small, used oak barrels.

It must be aged at least 7 years but 8 years is typical but may spend as many as 50 years or more maturing in wood.

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