'Anko' red bean paste the new chic way to stay in shape

By Kanta Miki and Kai Nishino

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Bodybuilders in the United States regularly eat anko these days, he said.

I would love to see evidence of this because it sounds absolutely preposterous. Also, it could just mean two people haha

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We have eaten red bean paste for decades. Make our own minus the sugar. Sesame powder outside. Better probably than rich western confection. But not neccessarily health giving or staying in shape.

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There are plenty of references you can find; google adzuki bean.

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After learning of anko's low fat content compared with Western confectionery

Just what does 'Western' mean? Here we go again comparing Japan to the world. You know what? There are a lot of countries in that category and a lot of low fat options out there. Stop playing into that Japanese superiority thing. It's tiring and incorrect.

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The red bean paste is seen as a "stylish" dietary sweet

Really? Traditionally, making anko paste calls for a 1:1 ratio between beans and sugar. How in the world is that "dietary"?

After learning of anko's low fat content

... she immediately stopped learning. Otherwise she would know that an excess of carbohydrates will be converted into triglycerides, also known as fat. But yay, zero percent fat on the nutrition label.

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Anko and Basashi are the only 2 Japanese foods I HATE with a passion.

After learning of anko's low fat content

Personally, I think this is the reason why autism in children and senility and parkinson's on the elderly , as well as obesity exists. This fat free craze is very damaging to our health. Fat is not a culprit. Our brains are made of fat and water.

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