Distillery drinking up plaudits as its craft whisky proves a hit


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I’ll drink to that

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Ichiro is good stuff, been around for quite some time.

I bought a bottle with furosato nozei about 3yrs ago but to date NOTHING has shown up at my door so a bit ticked at that to say the least!

About 5yrs ago went up to Chichibu to a small onsen place near the distilleries, the bar had about 10 different bottles of Ichiro & the owner & I stayed up to about 3am chatting & sipping, good stuff!

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There's a lot of new craft whiskey distilleries around the world. Very risky business. You spend a lot of money making the spirit and then have to wait several years to see if your process was any good. I wouldn't pay a premium for anything under 5-6 years of aging.

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