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Eco-friendly, healthy plant-based meat in spotlight in Japan


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I suppose we'd better stop using the words peanut butter, coconut cream, coconut milk and face cream.

Let's get one thing straight. Most Japanese who eat these products are doing so because they're thinking of the health benefits, not because they give a damn about the suffering of animals or the environment. I'm glad to see more and more products, but it is moving at a glacial speed. Japan is about 30 years behind many other countries in offering vegetarian/vegan food. People seem to think sandwiches must have ham and curry must have chicken.

The Mos Burger chain of Mos Food Services Inc. launched its Green Burger, featuring a soybean-based patty, for 538 yen earlier this year.

Yeah, until they swiftly pulled it from most branches.

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Plant based meat eh??? Why not become a vegetarian instead.

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In the late 70's in my home country, the so called TVP or textured vegetable protein was offered as a cheap alternative to meat. When we say meat, we associate it with protein. Health gurus are promoting soya as an alternative source of protein. Some supermarkets are selling soya meat minced and in cubes. You wouldn't even tell the difference even with the taste. But @James, I agree with you with the use of the word meat in the article.

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OK. Mashed peanuts. Coconut liquid. Thick coconut liquid. Goo for hydrating face.

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Why not become a vegetarian instead.

If you’re so inclined, yes, it’s better/easier to just go vegetarian. Absolutely.

But when you live in a mixed household, sometimes compromises are necessary, and soy not-meat has a role to play. I’m vegetarian, Mr Cleo is not. When he does the cooking he accommodates my foibles by not putting meat on the table. When I do the cooking I cannot bring myself to soil my pots’n’pans with bits of dead body, but I want to make him meals he can enjoy and not feel he’s ‘doing without’. The use of different varieties of non-meat help provide some of the texture and taste he craves without making me throw up.

I don’t think I will ever persuade him to go vegetarian, but not-meat helps keep the peace.

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I had one of those incredible burgers at LAX, once. Not bad.

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What is meat?

Meat is animal flesh that is eaten as food.

There is no such thing as plant based meat as it is not animal flesh. So please stop lying about what it is. Better to actually say that it is processed soybeans with artificial flavoring.

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People complain about food from "factory farms" but want food from actual factories. Nothing wrong with factory burgers but the environmental claims are thin to nothing.

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Many of the fake meat products have additional salt to get the required flavor. This higher salt content is not healthy for daily consumption and should be restricted to a "once in a while" purchase. Nothing beats the real deal. Trying to copy it will always require more additives that make it less healthy than the original in the long run.

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There is no such thing as plant based meat as it is not animal flesh.

Flesh-eaters do get so worked up about this, don't they. I didn't realise it was so hard for them to understand what 'plant-based meat' or 'substitute meat' means!

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I’ve been asked many times; “Why do you want something to look and taste like meat if you’re a vegetarian?” Many vegetarians didn’t give up burgers because they hated the taste or texture or shape (although for some these are certainly a few of the reasons they went off meat). I LOVED beef burgers. I gave up meat for many, many reasons, but taste wasn’t one of them. “Beyond Meat,” etc... allows me to indulge in a bit of nostalgia once in a blue moon for a “real” burger taste without compromising the reasons I gave up meat. I’m really happy to have more of these choices becoming available now in Japan.

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Totally agree we should stop using the names peanut butter, coconut milk and cream and face cream.

They are totally misleading.

Now you had better get one thing straight I never said anything was wrong with or about the products and I actually eat some of them as I am vegan.

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