Food expert's advice: When in Japan, do as the French do

By Mai Yoshikawa

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Not just the French, Latin people recognise the value of eating together. Japan may have lost this, but in Okinawa it's still common for families to eat and drink together. Pubs and restaurants are full of groups of people, often extended families.

Less TV, more live communication.

I love it!

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We almost always ate family meals round a table together in England. My wife's Japanese family did the same when she grew up, so in our home we have breakfast together every day, although i'm back a bit late on weekdays to have dinner together with the children, on the weekends we have a very slow breakfast together, lunch out somewhere and dinner round the table together, with music and lot's of discussion. I thought that's pretty normal tbh.

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We have breakfast and most evening meals together. It's not difficult if you lay down rules and turn off the electronic devices and ban them from the table. People don't eat together because they don't want to, our lives are becoming increasing isolated, many would rather sit alone in their room and talk to people they don't know. Many children aren't taught table manners so grow up not being able to sit, eat and talk with others. Parents have to lead by example, if they are watching telly or using the phones at meal times, or are regularly absent, it sends the wrong signals to their children.

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Basically a comment on socially natural behaviour. It reflects how skewed social norms have become.

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